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14 Fictional Positions
by Eric Miles Williamson: Kindle*
Airplane Novel by Paul A. Toth: KindleNook
Anti-Twitter by Harold Jaffe: Kindle*
Codename Prague by D. Harlan Wilson: KindleNook
Conrad in Beverly Hills by Jake Fuchs: KindleNook
CPR for Dummies by Mickey Z.: Kindle*
Cursed by Jeremy C. Shipp: KindleNook
Discouraging at Best by John Edward Lawson: Kindle
Dr. Identity by D. Harlan Wilson: KindleNook
Everybody Scream! by Jeffrey Thomas: KindleNook
Finale by Paul A. Toth: KindleNook
Fungus of the Heart by Jeremy C. Shipp: KindleNook
Gardens of Earthly Delight by George Williams: Kindle*
Go Love by Michael Gills: KindleNook
Health Agent by Jeffrey Thomas: Kindle*
The Inflatable Volunteer by Steve Aylett: Kindle*
Isabel Burning by Donna Lynch: Kindle
Lawson vs. LaValley by John Edward Lawson and Dustin LaValley: KindleNook
Monstrous Creatures by Jeff VanderMeer: Kindle*
Sheep and Wolves by Jeremy C. Shipp: KindleNook
Vacation by Jeremy C. Shipp: KindleNook
Welcome to Oakland by Eric Miles Williamson: KindleNook

*Books marked with an asterisk are part of the Kindle lending library and can be borrowed by Amazon Prime members for free.

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